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Using professional capture software allows you to efficiently perform some tasks while scanning. This includes:

  • Scan or import different formats of documents eg. TIFF, PDF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, BMP etc
  • Scan and automatically separate documents into single or multiple paged documents
  • Automatically Scan and separate multiple batches in a single run
  • Automatically separate documents or batches
  • Perform quality control to identify and adjust challenging images without rescanning
  • Efficiently scan mixed types of documents in one batch
  • Quickly index documents e.g using database lookup and OCR

The Kodak Capture Pro

Kodak Capture Pro Software is a Document Scanning Software that allows you to quickly convert paper documents to high-quality images. It is used for scanning and importing documents, automatic and manual indexing, quality control, and output to other systems.

document scanning process

Capture Pro enables you to:

  • Supports a wide format of documents i.e TIFF, PDF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, BMP, GIF, CMP, IOCA, and MO:DCA files
  • Perform quality control on indexed documents thereby reducing indexing errors
  • Optimize the quality of scanned images through enhancements (e.g auto-crop ,deskew)
  • Output documents larger than 200 inches long to PDF
  • Output electronic documents into multiple destinations
  • Integrate with MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT and other Enterprise Content Management systems
  • Scan in a networked environment using a predefined/ customized menu therefore allowing for standardization within an Organisation

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