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elo digital office

Elo Document Management Software

Elo software Is a robust Document Management System which can be used in Midsized to large organisations. Elo is a Platform and database independent system and has a web-based module. It is flexible, easy to use and has an intuitive graphical user interface.


  • Access Controls & Security
  • Compliance
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office
  • Enterprise Integration – Ability to integrate with a broad range of applications incl. CRM, ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce etc.
  • Process Workflows
  • Analytics – One-click data analysis
  • E-mail Management
  • Range of Clients including tablets, phones, web, desktop enabling access from home/branch
  • Seamless Integration with your Processes
  • Pre-built business solutions for HR (Recruiting & Personnel Management), Visitor Management, Contract Management, Invoice Management

Elo document management software inteface

Elo document management software interface

Documentum Document Management Software

Documentum is our Enterprise Document Management System. It is designed to provide you with the ideal means to leverage your information assets by easily accessing all electronically captured documents. It allows all business documents within an organisation to be consistently stored and easily retrieved. Documentum allows a limitless number of documents, folders, indexing fields, storage features and versions to be stored within the system.

Documentum Document Management Software interface

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