Training Services

training services

The key to long-term success in a new software solution environment is knowledge. Your IT staff must be able to perform routine maintenance and troubleshoot problems, as well as create new administrative functionality in order to keep the system in proper working order. In addition, your end users shall carry all day-to-day tasks with ease and confidence.

Upon installation of a new software solution in your organization, Docuscan Training Team tailors a curriculum program that uniquely fits your staff’s experience level and your environment to ensure that your IT department is ready to master the new system. Training usually occurs in parallel with a new system deployment through establishing a fully fledged lab, whether on-site or at our premises, to simulate the real environment of the organization.

This would help speed up the total experience, ensuring that the end users will be familiar with the new system and that they can properly operate it on the day of live run. We divide training into three categories to be carried out sequentially:

  • Class-based: where the trainer carries out all the tasks while trainees watch and listen to comprehend only.
  • Lab-based: where the trainees work on the system in a lab-controlled environment with the qualified trainer supervising them.
  • Hands-on: where the trainees do actual live or piloting work on the system while Docuscan Hands-on Site Engineers are present to give support when the user is stuck or falls into trouble.

End User Training is a custom course designed to furnish certified and well trained users for the newly implemented solution from Docuscan. By taking the Training course and passing the exam, all graduated users are guaranteed to have the sufficient experience in conducting all the required operations as per their role in the organization. At all time, our team ensures that the training material is updated quarterly along with the regular software updates. Internally, they spend time on using and understanding the new features of the system prior to incorporating it in the training curriculum.

Train the Trainer Program

This cost-efficient training solution program is geared towards large organizations which have high employee turn-over. Train the Trainer Program also shows high value when some large solutions are being implemented on a country-wide basis and where there is a need to train thousands of users within a tight schedule. So what is Train the Trainer methodology? Well, it means that Docuscan Training Specialists train a core team of Functional and Technical Leads on the newly implemented system, who then share that knowledge with other departmental subject matter experts.

Later on, and after gaining the proper experiences, some of the aforementioned groups will be selected to identify and develop the new procedures and training materials – with the help of Docuscan Training Specialists – that will be used to instruct the end user community. This will create a very own subject matter experts of the solution in the organization and they will be a valuable resource before and after the implementation of each new solution.

On-site Classroom Training

Docuscan Training Team can deliver classroom training at your facility. This saves you money by eliminating travel and hotel expenses. Courses can be tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of your organization. Private On-site Training allows you greater flexibility and control, hence stronger results.

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