Becoming a System Integrator

system integrators
As specialist value added distributors of document management hardware and software Docuscan Africa regularly work with a range of systems integrators to deliver robust, comprehensive, Document Management solutions to customers.

Benefits of being a Docuscan Africa partner:

  1. Leverage on the most indepth DM knowledgebase in the region to provide your customers with full end-to-end solutions.
  2. As our exclusive focus is document management you can be assured that we are not your competitors we are your partners.
  3. Gain access to a broad range of hardware and software based solutions, which enable you to offer your customers the “right” solution for their budget and needs.
  4. Access to evaluation units and trial software – You can offer your customers an evaluation scanner and trial software which we will install and allow them to test for 1-2 weeks. A pilot project will enable your customer to appreciate the benefits of our solutions before purchasing them.
  5. Access to free Docuscan Africa training courses.
  6. Access to pre-qualified sales leads

If you are a systems integrator and you wish to leverage our knowledge and the technology solutions we represent contact us.

Telephone: (+234 802 430 0055 and request the Resellers team)
Alternatively use our feedback form for all other enquiries.

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